Is a Framed or Frameless Shower Door Right For You?

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If you have a bath create project, you need to consider the type of shower doors. Fortunately, there are various finishes and glass types alongside different things you can do to prevent water wicking on the shower doors. When choosing the shower doors, an important consideration is the frame. Here, you have various options at your disposal. There is the full frame, which is cost-effective.

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The frame will be able to support the shower door and allow the glass to become thinner; hence, you will pay a lower price.

The other option is a frameless shower door. On this door, you will only find clips. These clips will be the connection to the glass in the wall or the floor in the glass. Usually, you will find minimal hardware on the frameless shower doors. So, the shower door’s support and enclosure emanate from the glass’s thickness. Therefore, you will end up paying a higher price for such a shower door. You must check the prices offered by the various frameless shower door companies before purchasing. Of course, different frameless shower door companies have their quotations. In between the two types of shower doors is the semi-frameless shower door. This type of door is a combination of the two shower doors mentioned earlier. It has a delicate frame, and the glass is a little bit thicker.


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