How to Solve Common Backyard Drainage Issues

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A beautiful, well-kept backyard is a source of pride for homeowners, serving as a peaceful place to enjoy and rest. However, drainage problems can quickly make this beautiful place a problem-filled, muddy mess. Finding and fixing these drainage problems is the best way to bring back the beauty and usefulness of your backyard. This video explores some solutions to common backyard drainage issues.

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The first step is figuring out the problem areas. Watch your yard during and after it rains to see if it accumulates pools of water or if areas stay wet for a long time. Also, look for signs of water damage.

The first solution is to check and clean your gutters and drains. Clogged drains cause water overflows, exacerbating the drainage problem. You also need an extension at the bottom to disperse the water from the house foundation.

For a comprehensive solution, consider installing channel and French drains. French drains have holes allowing water to flow into the pipe and channel to a collection point such as daylight or drywall. Use solid pipes – without perforation – to move the water from gutters and downspouts to the field for dispersion.

Use rain barrels to collect rainwater from your gutters. You can use water harvested to water your plants. A reputable lawn drainage company can help devise custom solutions to prevent water from damaging your backyard.


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