What You Need to Do Before Installing a Local Carport

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If you want to set up a carport, there are things you must tackle first. Scope out your spot. Look around your property and find the perfect place for your carport. It must be level and have enough space for your wheels to fit comfortably. Then, check with the local authorities.

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Make sure you’re following all the rules. You wouldn’t want a surprise visit from the code enforcement crew.

Measure twice, cut once, they say. The same goes for your local carport project. Use a measuring tape and ensure you know exactly how big you want this carport to be. You don’t want a carport that’s too small for your ride. And don’t forget about the materials. Decide what type of materials you want for your carport. Make the structure sturdy enough to withstand whatever nature throws its way.

Next, gather your tools and get ready to rumble. Remember to take your time and follow the instructions. Here’s what you’ll need. Get yourself a sledgehammer (like a super strong hammer) and a metal or wooden stake (at least three feet long). Also, find a long string (at least 100 feet long), a spirit level, and a tape measure.

The leveling tool is easy to use. Grab the string and level, and tie one end of the string to the stake at the highest corner. Stretch the string out tightly and adjust the spirit level until a bubble in the middle sits in the center. That means the string is level. Wrap the string around the stake to hold it up. Do the same thing at each corner.


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