Egress Window Installation Steps

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This awesome video on YouTube talks about a homeowner turning their shadowy cellar into a sun-soaked haven. They popped in an egress window; it wasn’t just about adding square footage – it was a total basement makeover. First things first, safety. Utilities got a call – you’ve got to dodge those underground pipes like Neo dodging bullets.

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Then, boom, mini excavator time. Dirt flew, muscles ached, but hey, progress. Clear rocks, drain pipes, and insulation went in to keep things waterproof and toasty. Remember, folks, frost is a basement’s worst enemy. Leveled, lined with fancy fabric to keep dirt at bay, and held tight with sturdy steel. It was like building a miniature castle for your basement window.

Stucco siding met the new well, and things got bumpy. Not to worry, a drip ledge swooped in like a hero, smoothing out the transition. And to make sure the house didn’t frown upon its new egress window, a strong header went in for extra support. Chainsaw with a diamond blade? Talk about high-tech cutting.

Now, sealing and insulating – the snuggie stage. Tape and silicone hugged the window box like a waterproof BFF. Insulation kept the cold out, and cedar decking brought warm vibes. Finally, a few coats of tung oil, and bam! A window is worthy of a spa magazine. So, what’s the bottom line? Proper planning, elbow grease, and a dash of ingenuity – that’s the recipe for an egress window success story.


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