How a Waterproofing Company Handles New Construction Services

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In this video, Jake from Aarow Building waterproofing company shows us the best practice method to ensure that foundation walls stay dry irrespective of whether the water seeps from below ground or wants to follow cracks and crannies inside the walls and foundations from the outside.

4 layer waterproofing method

  1. The first layer is foundation coating. Workers roll on tar coating and, using chip brushes, fill in all the cracks to ensure the whole surface is well sealed.

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  2. Next, a black mat is placed. The mat gives additional protection to ensure that any water trying to seep in through any cracks that were not completely sealed off with the tar coating is collected. The mat looks bumpy, with a cap on one side and a void on the underside to collect all water and direct it down to the footings. At the footings, the dimpled matt turns and runs into the perforated drain tile.
  3. Drain tile is placed with holes facing down to collect all possible moisture away from the foundation walls.
  4. The matt is covered with filter fabric and covered with gravel. The whole assembly is then covered with soil.

The waterproofing company in the video is proud of the system it provides to clients because it produces a watertight foundation that is a great starting point for any construction project. Turn to your local waterproofing experts to learn more and to get your new home waterproofed.


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New Home Digest 

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