Why Mold in Your Crawl Space is Dangerous

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You wouldn’t think something as small and insignificant looking as mold would be dangerous. However, it can cause a lot of trouble you don’t need. The practice of crawl space repair is a tricky one, so here’s a video to explain why mold in a crawl space is dangerous.

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If you’re not a microbiologist, it can be difficult to figure out just by looking if a mold is dangerous or not just by looking at it. Even the microbiologist might need a microscope to figure out exactly what you have. Your typical crawl space will usually host four different kinds of mold. These are Stachybotrys (aka “black mold), penicillium, aspergillus, and cladosporium. There are also rot fungi that can be bad for your foundation.

It’s best to err on the side of caution where mold is concerned, but don’t panic. Your best bet is to get some help from the experts. If you have trouble breathing, have itchy eyes, or other symptoms that you think may be caused by exposure to mold, talk to your doctor first and foremost. Your doctor can look you over, tell you what you have, what caused it, and how to treat it. You may want to get a mold detection kit where you “snag a sample for science” and get an expert to tell you what it is.


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