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Are you building a new house and are contemplating which things to incorporate to ensure the final product is your dream home? If so, you’re at the right place! While it may seem initially overwhelming when exploring your options with all things new builder design, distinct features can take your home to the next level with improved appearance and functionality. To help you get an idea of what we’re talking about, we’ve highlighted eight different new builder design trends to include in your project: install quality roofing material, add architectural concrete, purchase a first-rate AC system, incorporate unique hardscape features, install a privacy fence, and more. Review this list below and then contact the appropriate professionals who can help you complete these tasks with expert knowledge and experience.

Install Quality Roofing Material

There are four benefits of installing quality roofing material in your new build. First and foremost, having professionals install exceptional roofing material will increase protection. The sturdy and durable construction will endure various elements such as extreme winds, precipitation, and UV rays without leaving your home’s interior vulnerable to water damage, deterioration, mold growth, and more. Additionally, installing quality roofing materials will decrease a household’s energy use each month. This perk is possible because the materials will prevent valuable cold and hot air from the HVAC system from escaping your home. Plus, certain roofing materials will reflect the sun’s heat, which lessens the demand for your HVAC system. Investing in quality roofing materials also increases the security of your home since it’ll be harder for wildlife, such as insects and larger critters, to make their way into your living spaces and cause sanitation issues. With this stated, you may wonder which roofing material can offer these perks and be considered a new builder design trend. One of these is an asphalt roof. After receiving your asphalt roof installation, you’ll enjoy the protection, energy efficiency, and security and be happy you made the purchase.

Add Architectural Concrete

While structural concrete is commonly covered and used to provide soundness and strength to a new builder design, architectural concrete is left exposed and incorporated to bring aesthetics to a home. There are many different ways that homeowners can incorporate this feature into their new build. Architectural concrete can make accent walls by landscaping to create a modern ambiance to a property. Another popular way to utilize architectural concrete is with countertops. This choice is all the rave since homeowners can pick the colors and patterns on them. Other ideas for adding this concrete to your new home include the floors, showers, bathtubs, fireplaces, and various decor pieces such as coffee tables and light fixtures. With all of this considered, if you believe that adding architectural concrete to your home fits your vision, there are some variables to consider. First, brainstorm the surface patterns, textures, and colors you want for the feature. Plus, homeowners need to consider the weather conditions in their areas. This factor is crucial to consider before investing in concrete since certain mixtures aren’t compatible with extreme external factors. Lastly, look at the various framework sheets to use during the installation process. Professionals can help with this step and have you understand your options and how they differ.

Purchase a First-Rate AC System

While building your new home, you’ll eventually need to consider which AC system to install. We’re here to tell you that purchasing a first-rate system is the way to go. A quality AC system is a crucial feature because it’ll help your household in more ways than one. A high-quality AC system has the main benefit of bettering the air quality in your living space. With this stated, your chances for dust and bacteria accumulation, which often results in illnesses and respiratory irritation, are low. Plus, a great AC system can lower the humidity levels in your home. Low humidity levels are a great perk since high levels can result in mold growth, skin inflammation, dust mites, and dehydration. Also, insects and pests are deterred from your home if you have a first-rate AC system because of their displeasure with cool atmospheres. With all this said, which AC systems are first-rate and commonly included in new builder design trends? According to Forbes, the best air conditioning brands in 2023 are Lennox, American Standard, and Amana. So, purchase a first-rate system and contact an AC installation service that can help put it into your dream home.

Incorporate Unique Hardscape Features

Hardscape features are landscape materials whose main purpose is to be visually pleasing and add structural dimension to the outdoor area. The primary difference between landscaping and hardscaping is that the latter includes non-living material. Depending on your property’s look, location, and layout, the hardscape you incorporate can differ from others. Some examples of hardscapes include fire pits, gazebos, stone pathways, retaining walls, driveways, and decks. Some popular materials used for these hardscapes include brick, concrete, natural stone, and pavers. In addition to adding a beautiful new feature to your outdoors, these examples also enhance the functionality of your home, which can be incredibly convenient when entertaining guests in this space. A water feature is another hardscape feature incorporated into many new builder design plans and for a good reason! This hardscape is popular due to the calming sounds they can provide with peaceful views. Plus, water features are generally low maintenance, which makes it the best option for many new home builders. Water features options that you can add to your property include a backyard fish pond, birdbaths, waterfall, bubbler fountain, and more. Since each type of water feature requires specific dimensions and maintenance tasks, research and pick a hardscape that’ll be most appropriate for your lifestyle and property size.

Install a Privacy Fence

If you’re building your dream home, installing a privacy fence is just the ticket. While only considering the additional seclusion the feature offers, there are many other benefits that homeowners should think about. First, a privacy fence can protect from harmful elements such as high winds, heavy rain, and hail. A privacy fence can also increase the protection for your pets and children living in the household. With this stated, you won’t need to fret about loved family members wandering into the streets or surrounding woods while spending time outdoors. You can feel a sense of ease when allowing your kids and pets to get much-needed fresh air and sunshine once the installation is complete. Plus, a privacy fence is perfect if you live close to noisy areas like airports, freeways, or train stations since they can be an effective sound barrier. Finally, a privacy fence is oftentimes an essential part of a new builder design because it enhances the aesthetics of your property. Now more than ever, you can find privacy fences with endless materials and color options. If you’re interested in booking a privacy fence installation, popular materials to invest in for it to look its best include wood, vinyl, cedar, composite, and metal. Popular colors for privacy fences are darker earth tones such as forest green, deep brown, beige, and dark red.

Guarantee a Healthy Lawn

In addition to adding beautiful hardscapes and installing a privacy fence, the outdoor area of your dream home can be complete with a healthy lawn. While some homeowners believe this task should be an afterthought for the building process, we’re here to tell you that you should consider it before and during the project. A new builder design should include a thriving, luscious green lawn that looks pristine and inviting to all guests coming to your house. With this considered, there are a few things that you can do to ensure a healthy lawn. First and foremost, you can install a watering system for your yard. Especially if your location goes through periods of dry seasons, this can be perfect for ensuring green color throughout the growing periods. Other tasks such as mowing, reseeding, fertilizing, and renovating are all fantastic ways to ensure a great-looking lawn. Since these things can take up lots of valuable time and costs lots of money with supplies and equipment, hire a backyard landscaper. With this professional help, you can guarantee that your lawn gets proper attention at the appropriate times. Finally, hire a yard hydroseeding service to nail a new builder design. To put it plainly, hydroseeding is a landscaping technique that prevents erosion and promotes healthy-looking lawns. If you’re looking to have a smooth surface, this is the way to go.

Buy a Superior Water Heater

The water heater you have installed in your dream home can either make or break the functionality of your daily dynamics. Many homeowners find themselves frustrated by the mishaps with their water heaters and sometimes wish they had one that was superior and of the best quality. To ensure that you have a smooth transition and reliable hot water when moving into your new home, look into options made with premium materials. This is an essential step for many reasons. First, a superior water heater ensures that you have warm water when you need it at any time. Whether you’re bathing, washing dishes, or doing laundry, warm water is essential for comfort and convenience. A water heater that’s good quality can be environmentally friendly since it conserves energy and water usage if run efficiently too. This perk can help you decrease your carbon footprint. Investing in a high-caliber water heater saves you money in more ways than one. In addition to lowering your monthly energy bills, the water heater might lower water and gas bills. These low bills can be a game-changer in the future, helping your family save money in the long run. With this considered, if you’re interested in feeling the advantages of a superior water heater, purchase a tankless system. Tankless water heaters offer these countless perks but are also very flexible with where they’re in a household. Due to their size, the tankless systems can be put virtually anywhere, which saves you lots of space for other valuable purposes such as storage. To put it simply, after your tankless water heater installation, you’ll be glad you dived in and made the investment as part of your new builder design.

Incorporate Custom Closets

New builder design not only considers the outside features of a house, but the inside too. One component to put inside your dream home is custom closets. A custom closet company can come to your home to measure your closet space and build the feature to fit perfectly. When professionals discuss custom closets during the consultation, you’ll soon realize you have lots of freedom with what they look like. Two main variables that make this possible are deciding upon the materials and colors. Some popular materials used for custom closets are wood and melamine due to their visually pleasing appearance and durability. Some popular colors homeowners pick for this home feature are white, brown, beige, and gray. In addition to looking elegant, these colors will make the space appear clean too. In addition to having the opportunity to choose the look of the closets, homeowners also have other benefits to look forward to when incorporating this builder design. The main advantage of these closets is the maximizing space, which means you’ll no longer need to worry about clothing piling up in your bedroom and causing dysfunctionality. Additionally, the custom closets are the perfect place to store other important items like jewelry, shoes, hats, and more. Finally, home building companies can incorporate a custom closet with unique features to stow away large household items like trash cans, iron boards, hampers, and even entire beds! All in all, you can be confident that you’re installing a feature offering a versatile amount of storage opportunities that’ll make your home look more sophisticated and organized.

To conclude, nailing the new builder design trends might seem impossible, but this list above makes it clear and objective. Installing quality roofing material, adding architectural concrete, purchasing a first-rate AC system, incorporating unique hardscape features, and more will take your home to the next level. Review these tasks above and contact the appropriate professionals, like roofers, HVAC professionals, and fence installers, today to ensure your home is the dream place you’ve always imagined it would be.

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